Medipure Infection control Medipure Infection control
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  • Smart Award Winner 1995 – £60K Aquacube project
  • Spur Award Winner 1997 – £100k Aquacube project
  • Smart Award Winner 2000 – £10k ECA Bioscience study
  • Welsh National Assembly Innovation Award Winner 2001 – £55k Development of a Medical Washer Disinfector for cannulated instruments and endoscopes
  • Smart Award Winner 2001 – £62.5k UV Sterilisation and Aerobic Bacteria Monitoring Devices feasibility study
  • NESTA Award Winner 2001 – £52.5k ECA Technology Electrolyser development study
  • Nesta Award winner 2002 for cassette washer design and build £60K
  • WDA RIN award 2002 for Washer project £25K – to claim
  • DTI SMART for Air Guardian design and build  £60k
  • RSA award from the WDA £150K
infection control
infection control
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