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Annual infection control contracts
Annual infection control contracts

Modular package - Packages can be adopted in whole or in part to suit requirements.

Modules cover infection control issues on all surfaces, in the air and in water supplies within the hospital environment.

Our packages provide clients with monitoring, reporting, validation and training. We also provide solutions to the problems, a technical resource and an advocacy service.

  • Any part of the hospital where infection is a problem can be covered by the support packages for examples: Theatres, HSDU, CSSD, Endoscopy, ENT, Community Stores and Wards.
  • The current service provides full or part validation checks of equipment under HTM Guidelines, departmental protocols or supplier's operation and maintenance schedules.
  • HTM 2030/2025/2010 - we provide advice on interpretation of the guidelines to all the interested parties within the trust. Authorizing persons will also be involved if employed by the Trusts/Hospitals.
  • The checks that we undertake are full electro -mechanical and microbiological checks, as well as taking in Health and Safety concerns such as anaesthetic gases and fumes.
  • Where ISO 9000-2000 issues abound with quality manual definitions we can help formulate best practice based on our experiences in other hospitals.
  • All the responsibilities and job remits are defined on a Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly and Annual basis. Training is given to carry out the jobs required from pre-washing endoscopes to taking a water sample.
  • Fixed Standard Official Methods and Hygiene factors are defined and put into the quality system by local management with the help of Medipure.
  • MRSA and Legionella Risk assessments undertaken. Full problem solving support with cleaning regimes identified and reports written.
  • Routine Particulate and Aerobic bacteria monitoring by Air/Duct Guardian undertaken - (Addresses MRSA)
  • Clean area swabbing for general infection and MRSA.
  • Comprehensive Training packages to suit all Health professionals carried out on site
  • All work carried out is confidential to the agreed named personnel on site.

infection control
infection control
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